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We provide the highest
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Since we use our own money  Our competitors are restricted by their financial resources

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Factoring trucking innovator;
We have the most affordable trucking factoring fees in the field
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Since we use
our own cash.
Our competitors are restricted
by their financial institutions.


With over 106 YEARS combined experience in factoring for the trucking business. Our knowledge and also experience allows us to have a functioning
understanding of the unique demands
you deal with all the time.

Various other trucking factoring companies require you to sign a very conditional arrangement that ranges from 6 months to 1 year or longer.
And also they call for you to factor with them in the course of that entire time.

You may factor all of your accounts or you could prefer to sell just a couple of them. Essentially, you could personalize your very own account!

24/7 Online account administration tools
Our on-line services permit you to view your reports and collection activities changed daily.

Startup businesses
are welcome.

Startups Are Our Specialty!
Did you just obtain your authority? Going out on your very own? If your trucking company is simply starting out, you've come to the appropriate place.

We could help you determine quality customers, strengthen your credit rating with beneficial cashflow, and also have our account supervisors skillfully represent your business.

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We have been supplying Freight Factoring Company programs
nationwide for many years and have clients in hundreds of markets.

We know that to be profitable
in Trucking, you require money.
Money for payroll, overhead expenditures,
taxes or just ease the financial worries
experienced during swift growth durations

You can rely on
us for quick and also friendly solutions.
We have the capacity to buy your receivables as well as give the cash to you within 12 to 24 hours

As our client you are assigned one account representative who will personally take care of all of your account tasks and inquiries.

This provides us the capability to buy your receivables as well as get the money to you within 12 to 24 hours.

Having one account administrator look after
your account also makes it easy for you to choose which invoices you are going to sell as well as when you wish to offer those invoices.

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circle03_skyblue.gif Advance Rates that
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We offer cash advancements rates up to 97%
The regular optimum in the market is 80%.
We can offer you higher advancements because
of our unique financing abilities

circle03_skyblue.gif Flexible Contracts -

We provide you with agreements
that satisfy your financing needs, not ours.

Unlike our competitors we don't make you sign long - term contracts as well as we don't
charge you fees when you are less active.

circle03_skyblue.gif Invoice Processing
Not only can we offer you the most
enhanced technolgy but we also keep
the old - fashioned systems since
every client has various demands.

Unlike the Competition, our goal right here
is not to require you to adapt to us,
but to get you the money you require
in the quickest and also most
effective way

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Fuel / Debit Card Program Details

  • The fuel card is accepted as money at all sites.
  • 40,000 available sites, consisting of Flying J, Petro, Pilot,
    Travel Centers, Wilco, and Loves.
  • Special Worked out fuel rebates Petro
    and Pilot ($.01 per gallon).
  • The capacities of the program are unlimited.
    The card (s) may
    be used for fuel purchases, money, oil / additives,
    tire purchases as well as repairs,
    small vehicle replacements, truck washes, oil changes, etc.
    The plan is tailored to suit your unique needs.
  • Low transaction fee that remains the
    very same no matter the product
    being acquired, the dollar amount
    of the transaction or the location of acquisition.
  • Detailed day-to-day or once a week records for expenditures as well as driver
    tracking & web accessibility upon demand.
  • Your account is assigned a Personal Identity Number (PIN),
    which permits 24 - hr access to your account.
  • Excellent personalized customer service straight
    from the professional personnel of CTS



































































































































Factoring Association

TruckingFactoring.ORG factoring freight companies

Trucking Factoring Companies

The trucking business covers a wide range of services from cross - country transportation to regional dispatches. Relocating freight by vehicle entails various methods of transport, different invoicing techniques and unique services for unique cargo.

Although trucks usually generate income hauling a lot of products at small costs for each unit, there is likewise revenue in carrying one item at extremely high prices.
The only restrictions on the earnings in the trucking market is the fact that there is a lot competitors striving to safeguard the exact same bunch that it keeps expenses relatively reduced for each shipping customer



Whether you are a craftsman working out of a garage or a staffing company placing hundreds of employees in the biggest   firms, you definitely face capital predicaments from time to time.     The uneasy ritual of making incoming cash receipts extend to cover temporary obligations irritates even the most seasoned company managers.

Invoice Discounting Company

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Attributes The vehicles they run consist of either a ; Day Taxi ; tractor (no resting bunk) or a ; Sleeper ; which has space for one or two sleeping bunks. The trucks are powered by a diesel engine and have either an automated or manual transmission. The trailers can easily be 29, 48 or 53 feet long with solitary or double axles at the rear of the trailer. The maximum weight on the most usual tractor - trailer combination is 80,000pounds, yet may be reduced or enhanced depending on state and national laws.

Freight Factoring Companies


Small Tools & Accessories Financing Receivable Companies

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Much less - Than - Vehicle Load.  A less - than - vehicle - lots or LTL trucking business agreements to have several consumers products on the truck. For example, a FedEx vehicle and trailer might ship dog crates of furnishings to a small business in the morning, boxes of products for a buck storein the mid-day and done with a delivery of bookkeeping files to a taxation preparation company in the evening.

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All of the products would be on the exact same truck. Local / Regional Citizen or regional trucking firms are tasked to a particular zone around a specific location. The drivers are generally house every evening, intermittent night or every weekend breakdepending on the area and the trucking business. The products they ship might have been delivered by an OTR trucking business to a warehouse where the neighborhood / regional vehicle would selection them up and make the last shipment.

Freight Factoring Companies in Freight Factoring Companies aiding in the firm's first years of business, additionally for companies growing rapidly requiring quick cash. Freight Factoring Companies Freight Factoring Companies


Trucking Factoring at truckingfactoring.org

TruckingFactoring.ORG is a Freight Factoring Companies that Provides a wide range financial services


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Setting up a Trucking Factoring Companies partnership scoots and effortless in comparison to various other forms of funding.   Applications simply ask for basic firm information and a consumer list.   Years of productivity are not needed which makes Trucking Factoring Companies an choice for startups producing receivables.   It is feasible that financing can easily happen in as little as a couple of days after the receipt of the application and invoices.

Each aspect works a little various.   It is important to understand which programs   supply the best conveniences and at the least price. Several standards should be addressed   when searching for a trustworthy aspect.     Are there configuration fees, routine maintenance charges or fine charges ? Exists a long term contract ? Exist monthly minimums ? Does the variable give credit and collection services at no surcharge ? Just what bookkeeping records will certainly the factor supply ?   Just what value - included services does it supply ?

Factoring And Invoice Discounting

TruckingFactoring.ORG Provides Freight Factoring Companies to all states:

Trucking Factoring Companies


Relying on the agreement, companies can decide which invoices they wish to sell to the element, who instantly advances eighty percent or even more of the stated value of the invoices.   The balance of the funds, much less the discount cost, is released once the invoice is gathered.    

The cost of collaborating with a Trucking Factoring Companies company is the discount tackled the invoices sent for cashing.   Charges range from 3 to 9 percent, relying on quantity, credit rating - value of the clients sold and total threat.   The discount taken is greatest compared with a merchant approving a Visa or MasterCard transaction and getting urgent payment, less a percentage or rebate, before the real cardholder has actually paid his or her regular monthly declaration.    

A lot of company lenders are a excellent reference source for respectable Trucking Factoring Companies firms.   Bankers refer to aspects because they understand that although the customer might not be bankable at the time of the reference, in a minute it could be a sensible prospect for conventional funding. As a short-term funding option, Trucking Factoring Companies partnerships usually operate from 6 months to a couple of years.      

Companies deciding to maintain energy, in spite of a shortage of typical financing alternatives, discover that Trucking Factoring Companies not only provides money yet additionally a stable base on which to develop. They planning to a future of managed growth and lucrative efficiency that will certainly link the space to qualifying for financial institution financing.    

In recent years, an boosting variety of firms have actually uncovered that   Trucking Factoring Companies could battle the ups and downs of unpredictable capital patterns.   More notably, factors are providing the small company society with a viable resource of operating resources when typical funding is not constantly an choice.

Currently, $62 billion dollars in invoices are factored in the United States every year. In the last 10 years,   the amount of invoices factored has actually raised by $10 billion hard earned moneys.

Unlike other Freight Factoring Companies, TruckingFactoring.ORG makes receivable financing easy to obtain with minimal paperwork.

We are not like the others
, TruckingFactoring.ORG's objective here
is not to force
you to conform to us,
but to get you the cash you need



1.       Benefit of Early Payment   Discounts - Having access to money allows companies to conserve ordinary 2% by taking advantage of early repayment terms provided by vendors.   The points spared by decreasing raw materials prices helps to offset the Trucking Factoring Companies charge.  

2.       Take Advantage of Volume Rebates - Having money also makes it possible for businesses to buy basic materials in better amount.   This spares money and directly impacts the bottom line.  

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Cross - Nation Dispatch Cross - country trucking is movabling items across fars away on the open road. This facet of the trucking industry is populated with both business trucks and the single wildcat trucker operating as a small business.
Although sometimes the cross - country lots will go straight from client to client, usually these kinds of payloads are shipped in between distribution points. As soon as getting to the storehouse or shipping terminal, cargo could be broken out into smaller sized orders and delivered independently to different areas.

A Variety of Freight And Trucking companies
 that use Freight Factoring Companies  companies
 in Freight Factoring Companies


5.       Deal Credit rating Terms to Clients - Offering credit score terms to clients is a typical way to enhance sales by making it " easier" for clients to acquire.   Having sponsorship to carry accounts receivable is important if a business wishes to be able to comply with with on its commitments.   Reputable factors motivate " managed" development by talking to customers relating to direct exposures and additional dangers when handling brand-new credit accounts.

The difference in between Trucking Factoring Companies and various other resources of funding is that the variable actually investments and tracks business invoices.   In addition to supplying prompt cash on invoices, the factor carries out valuable credit rating analysis on new and existing customers and carries out professional, routine follow up on invoices as they become due.    

For the company supervisor who spends a great section of the day gathering, bookkeeping and looking for resources, the whole Trucking Factoring Companies bundle offers peace of mind.   The manager could in fact focus on essential aspects of the company that are frequently dismissed, such as marketing and manufacturing





Pay incentives, conveniences, estate time and bonus offers are used to keep motorists and recruitment initiatives are essential to finding new vehicle drivers. Hrs of Service Laws The Department of Transportation s Federal Motor Carrier Security Administration determines the hours that a common carrier could steer in a 24 hr duration. Trucking business could be fined if the vehicle driver breaches these regulations which may badly affect their potential to operate. Advantages Trucking companies offer an crucial role in our economy.


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Types There are four basic kinds of trucking business: Over - The - Roadway An Over - The - Roadway (OTR) or ; long run ; trucking company agreements with product production or revenues business to ship their items to destinations across the lower 48 states, into Canada or Mexico and Alaska. The loads these companies deliver differ widely. They could ship raw steel to a processing plant in Ohio or sodas to a refreshment supplier in Los Angeles. The 53 foot long trailer is generally totally fulled of the consumer s items.

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History According to the American Trucking Organization there are roughly 214, 000 for - hire trucking companies and 276, 000 personal provider trucking firms licensed to work in the Usa that shipped, according to their most current lookings for (2006), 10. 6 billion lots of items, materials and raw materials. There are 3. 4 thousand truck drivers either steering solo or in groups on the roads of our nation delivering these crucial products to our shops, manufacturing plants and harbors.

TruckingFactoring.ORG Provides Freight Factoring Companies to all industries:

Trucking Factoring Companies

Neighborhood Shipment Regional delivery does not essentially suggest smaller trucks. Large 18 - wheel tractor - trailer gears may equally effortlessly be used to go much less than 50 miles as a little panel van. Local dispatch does not refer to the size of the cargo but to the length involved. For several cargorecipients, numerous orders could be set up at the freight terminal from different vehicles only to be put onto a single truck fordelivery to the client.

Historically, the bulk of Trucking Factoring Companies was predominately in the textile, furniture and clothing business.   Today, Trucking Factoring Companies firms are collaborating with all types of markets, including: manufacturers, service providers, transport companies and high technology companies.   In your area, as increasing Puget Sound firms continuously prosper, suppliers and service providers are looking for extra resources of working resources to suit boosted revenues amount.  

The total boost in Trucking Factoring Companies amount is primarily credited to the credit rating crunch in the late 80s.   As the accessibility of financial institution industrial credit rating tightens up, more businesses look to alternative resources of financing to obtain growth.  

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Hot - Shot Dispatch  A hot shot ; is a unique order sent out by specific distribution from one client to yet another. An instance of a hot shot would be a essential technical part keeping a multimillion - buck sheet of machinery from running. The maker may hot shot the part directly to the manufacturing plant flooring and quicken the repair works. Hot shots of much less than 1,000miles can be delivered in 24 hours with driving groups varying steering shifts on the road. Hot shots across nation are feasible over weekend breaks.

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Factors could aid those companies that financial institutions typically locate hard to accept such as start - up companies whose growth outstrips money.   The key focus in a Trucking Factoring Companies connection is the credit - worthiness of the customers being invoiced and the client s potential to produce a quality service or product.     Put simply, if the business has an acceptable product or service that it gives to a creditworthy client then the business is a applicant for Trucking Factoring Companies.

The truth is that most business share a common issue throughout periods of quick development of inbound orders draining capital.   Trucking Factoring Companies not only provides immediate money but, reliable companies also use it as a device to improve profit margins:  

The males and females who drive the vehicles, dispatch the vehicle drivers and handle the operations of the business job relentlessly to deliver billions of lots of differed merchandise all around North America. These cargos produce jobs in areas and add to keeping our country s top quality of life.

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3.       Reduce Late Payment Fines and Interest Charges - Having instant money accessible to pay existing responsibilities as they come to be due does away with late fees from vendors and various other creditors.  

4.       Meet Commitments on schedule - Paying sellers on schedule helps to set up a strong credit rating record and allows for improved future credit limits from suppliers in addition to economic establishments.




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companies  that use  Freight Factoring Companies  Freight Factoring Companies  companies


Invoicing The trucking market expenses accounts using a price - each - weight mile estimation. The costs are the quantity it costs to move a given weight (pound, kilogram, load) one mile multiplied by the distance delivered. Where the competitiveness in the industry develops is when different trucking firms identify they may carry further for less than the competitors. As this quantity goes reduced and lower to get the job, consumers take advantage of reduced and reduced freight prices.

Freight Factoring Companies is typically used by trucking companies.



Oversize Loads Specialty trucks and trailers are created to carry large-scale bunches. An oversize lots is any cargo bigger than a typical eighteen-wheeler and occupying a lot more than one street of the road. Oversize tons might also need companions to use ahead of the payload to establish overpass heights are tall sufficient and bridges are sturdy sufficient to carry the large-scale lots.





Owner - Owner Another type of trucking firm is various only based on who owns the vehicle. A so - called ; company ; vehicle driver is trained and hired by a trucking business and is a direct employee of that business. An owner operator is the owner of the truck and sometimes the trailer and actually steers the truck. The Owner Operators Independent Drivers Association estimates there are 160,000owner operators of tractor - trailers in the Usa and Canada. These males and females are completely responsible for all facets of the procedures of their truck consisting of maintenance, gas, insurance coverage and contracting with carriers and recipients to transport the item.

Oilfield Services That Use Freight Factoring Companies  companies in Freight Factoring Companies:




Considerations Trucking companies encounter many problems in achieving their tasks. The economy could negatively impact their business, yet the public s demand for the items they ship is never finishing (it could reduce, but it doesn't cease) so trucking companies are constantly on guard to keep an eye on: Fuel Expenses .
The expense of gas fluctuates swiftly.

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Due to the high costs of operating such a big car (and sometimes lots of of them) that is continuously relocating, trucking firms need to make allowances to save as much gas as feasible. Some decree that truck drivers cannot still their vehicles for extended periods of time and others preparetheir trucks with alternative power electrical generators so the vehicle driver may stay neat or cozy depending on climate. Insurance Prices Because of the fact that truck drivers are, by definition, driving on the roadway for numerous hrs in a day, sustaining steady insurance prices is necessary to their profit. Accidents occur, however trucking companies attempt to lessen them as long as possible by keeping the vehicle drivers level of exercise as high and present as possible. Driver Scarcities A truck driver s job is composed of lengthy hrs, potentially harmful driving disorders and worry to meet shipment deadlines. Despite the fact that there is a proceeded necessity for the items they ship, trucking firms are confronted with high motorist lacks. The ATA estimations that there is a shortage of some 20,000truck drivers and that number will enhance to 111,000in 2014.


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We are currently providing Freight Factoring Companies services nationwide including the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho State, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

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